Chinese holdings of U.S. debt are at their biggest in seven years Rick Docksai - Feb 21, 2018
Chinese bond-holders bought up a larger amount of U.S. Treasury debts last year than in the last seven years.
Banks still discriminate against black and Latino borrowers, study concludes Rick Docksai - Feb 19, 2018
They are approving white applicants' loans to move into the neighborhoods while disproportionately turning down nonwhite residents' loan requests.
Gallup survey reveals five happiest, healthiest states in the U.S. Susan Konig - Feb 19, 2018
The Gallup-Sharecare 2017 State of American Well-Being rankings were just released, revealing five of the happiest, healthiest states, and five which scored at the bottom of the list.
Senate kills four immigration bills in one day Rick Docksai - Feb 17, 2018
Four separate proposals on DACA came up for votes in the Senate Tuesday, and all fell short of the votes required to beat a filibuster.
Dinosaur fossil digs threatened by Trump's national-monument reductions Rick Docksai - Feb 17, 2018
The scientists said that developers could destroy countless undiscovered fossils in these lands.
Michelle Obama Susan Konig - Feb 14, 2018
Michelle Obama admits she was "a little overwhelmed, to say the least" when she saw her first official portrait unveiled today.

Clean-energy technologies get tax breaks in budget deal

Rick Docksai - Feb 12, 2018
The deal approves tax relief for carbon sequestration, biodiesel, micro turbines, and several other energy innovations.

Seattle moves to erase past marijuana convictions

Susan Konig - Feb 12, 2018
In an attempt at 'restorative justice', Seattle's mayor is moving to erase marijuana convictions prosecuted before the state legalized the substance.e

Dow has now lost 40% of its gains since Trump's inauguration

Rick Docksai - Feb 10, 2018
The Dow Jones has now had its worst week since the 2008 crash, according to analysts who note that Thursday's 1,032-points drop has left the index with 40% of the gains that it made since President Trump's inauguration gone.

Three Colorado sheriff's deputies shot and killed in the line of duty

Susan Konig - Feb 08, 2018
Third Colorado sheriff's deputies shot and killed in the line of duty since December.
Private prisons get more inmates and federal dollars under Trump
Rick Docksai - Feb 02, 2018
The Trump administration is proposing to cut the Bureau of Prisons workforce by 12-14% while transferring some federal prison inmates to private prisons.
FBI warned White House: Nunes' memo is
Rick Docksai - Feb 01, 2018
who told the White House that the document paints a "false narrative" and should not be released to the public.
Taliban operating throughout 70% of Afghanistan, says BBC
Rick Docksai - Feb 01, 2018
Launching attacks and bombings that kill scores of civilians and challenge government control throughout around 70% of the country, according to the BBC
#Me Too Movement Appears to Have Generational Divides
Susan Konig - Feb 01, 2018
The #Me Too Movement is more "natural' for younger woman.
Melania Trump arrives separately from President to State of the Union address
Susan Konig - Feb 01, 2018
Melania Trump arrives to the State of the Union address separately from her husband.
Trump's security team considers a government-run nationwide 5G mobile-wireless network
Rick Docksai - Feb 01, 2018
The idea is under debate and will remain in the debate stage for at least another six to eight months before it goes to Trump, according to the official, who added that some alternative proposals are also under consideration.
Activists sue Education Department on Obama Title  IX guidelines
Rick Docksai - Jan 31, 2018
Three groups advocating against campus sexual assaults sued the Department of Education last week to attempt to block Secretary Betsy DeVos' rescinding of Title IX.
Top military court overturns Coast Guard rape conviction
Rick Docksai - Jan 31, 2018
The prosecutors committed unfair and illegal "gender-based court stacking" by assembling this jury, the appeals court's judges said.
Refugee admissions set to resume from 11 countries Trump had prohibited
Rick Docksai - Jan 31, 2018
Refugee advocates criticized the additional vetting as discriminatory and needlessly burdensome, arguing that refugees are already subject to intensive background checks.
NAFTA reaches agreement on new anti-corruption measures
Rick Docksai - Jan 30, 2018
U.S. negotiators reached their first breakthrough on NAFTA in nearly three months, agreeing to new anti-corruption measures with Canada and Mexico.
Trump will seek to eliminate U.S. involvement in International Space Station
Rick Docksai - Jan 30, 2018
President Trump will call for de-funding U.S. participation in the International Space Station when he submits his fiscal-year 2019 budget.
Dutch group first alerted U.S. intelligence to Russian hacking of DNC in 2015
Rick Docksai - Jan 30, 2018
A Dutch intelligence chief said last Sunday that his agency tipped U.S. intelligence off to Russian cyber-intrusion efforts in summer 2015.
South Korea files WTO complaints over new U.S. tariffs
Rick Docksai - Jan 28, 2018
The WTO has forced the United States to repeal tariffs in the past, and South Korean officials expressed confidence that it may do so again.
LG raising prices of washing machines, blames Trump tariffs
Rick Docksai - Jan 28, 2018
Goldman Sachs and other analysts expect that more manufacturers may do the same, and that washing machines' prices in general could rise 8%-20% because of the new tariff.
Trump ordered Mueller fired in June, but forced to back off
Delila James - Jan 28, 2018
The president reportedly sought to justify firing Mueller by arguing he had three conflicts of interest that disqualified him from acting as special counsel.
Trump's new solar tariffs could kill 23,000 jobs, solar industry leaders warn
Rick Docksai - Jan 25, 2018
President Trump imposed 30% tariff on foreign-manufactured solar panels this week, following a request from two solar-cell manufacturers with multinational interests. U.S. solar-energy companies slammed the decision, which they warned will raise the costs of solar energy and kill as many as 23,000 U.S. solar jobs.
DHS secretary seeks criminal prosecution of
Rick Docksai - Jan 23, 2018
Her comments coincide with California's recent enactment of a law expressly prohibiting state or local officials from fully complying with federal immigration-law agents.
Ex-CIA officer arrested for illegally possessing classified information
Delila James - Jan 23, 2018
Lee, who resides in Hong Kong, was charged with illegally possessing classified records, including names and phone numbers of covert CIA assets.
Fusion GPS suspected Trump money-laundering
Delila James - Jan 22, 2018
While Simpson did not say he had definite proof of wrong-doing, he told congressional investigators about "patterns of buying and selling that we thought were suggestive of money laundering."
Sens. McCain and Flake scold Trump for attacks on free press
Delila James - Jan 21, 2018
On the Senate floor, Sen. Jeff Flake compared Trump to the dictator Joseph Stalin who, like Trump, called the news media the "enemy of the people."
Trump's last six months of travel expenses dwarf all eight years of Obama's
Rick Docksai - Jan 21, 2018
As a candidate, Donald Trump criticized then-President Obama for taking vacations and playing golf. As president, however, Trump has spent more taxpayer money on personal travel in one year than Obama spent in eight, according to Judicial Watch.
Steve Bannon issued subpoenas by Mueller and House Panel
Delila James - Jan 18, 2018
The legal wrangling erupted over Bannon's refusal to answer questions with regard to his time during the 2016 presidential transition or while in the White House.
Trump ends first year with dismal approval ratings
Delila James - Jan 18, 2018
Trump's current approval rating in Gallup's weekly poll stands at only 38 percent.
Kentucky is first state to require Medicaid patients to work
Delila James - Jan 16, 2018
Kentucky also has the go-ahead to charge premiums to Medicaid patients for their coverage.