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Adam Schiff: Republican Party has ‘become essentially a cult’


Congressman Adam Schiff believes that the Republican Party has “become essentially a cult” in recent years, evident from its embrace of President Trump and controversial figures such as Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has espoused QAnon conspiracy theories.

“Sadly, it has already become essentially a cult, not just of QAnon, but a whole range of conspiracy theories orbiting around Donald Trump,” Schiff said in an interview with CBS News chief Washington correspondent Major Garrett for this week’s episode of “The Takeout” podcast. “Which of course is a disaster not only for the Republican Party, but is a disaster for the country. We really rely on two functional parties for our system to work, and right now we don’t have that.”

Schiff, who has led the charge in support of impeaching former President Donald J. Trump, said the attempted insurrection of the Capitol on Jan. 6 shows the power Trump holds over his supporters.

“Until they’re able to extricate themselves from this lunatic fringe, until they’re able to extricate themselves also from the person of Donald Trump, there’s not much hope for that party, tragically,” Schiff said about Republicans.



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