Amid corruption investigations Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu hospitalized with fever: reports

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hospitalized with high fever and cough.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been hospitalized after suffering from a high fever and severe cough according to a statement from his office.

The prime minister was hospitalized Tuesday at Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center in Jerusalem after his personal physician, Dr. Tzvi Berkowitz, concluded that he has not fully recovered from an illness he had started two weeks ago. He added that the prime minister’s condition had worsened.

Dr. Berkowitz confirmed that Prime Minister Netanyahu, 68, is set to undergo series of medical test that require hospitalization.

Netanyahu had been homebound since mid-March, holding government meetings at his private residence. During that time, the prime minister’s office issued a statement saying Netanyahu had contracted strep throat and that his personal physician Berkowitz had prescribed medications and home rest for him.

Netanyahu and his wife are currently been investigated on several corruption charges by the state prosecutors repeatedly, which the prime minister said he is innocent. The accusations involve bribery and conspiring to manipulate news coverage.

Prosecutors are yet to respond to the request made by the Israeli police that the prime minister be indicted. However, earlier this month, Prime Minister Netanyahu was welcomed by President Trump during a in a three-day visit to the state.




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