AG Jeff Sessions shows selective recall on Russia contacts

Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified that he had no recollection of meeting in which Russian contacts were discussed until he read news reports.
By Josh Curlee | Nov 14, 2017
Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified before the House Judiciary Committee Tuesday, raising some eyebrows with his apparently selective recall about the Trump campaign's contacts with Russian nationals.

In October, Sessions testified that he knew of no one in the Trump campaign who had contacts with Russians during the 2016 presidential election. But it was later revealed that Sessions led a March 2016 meeting in which campaign aide George Papadopoulos discussed his contacts with Russians and offered to set up a meeting between Russian president Vladimir Putin and then-candidate Trump.

"I had no recollection of this meeting until I saw these news reports," Sessions told the committee, as reported by The New York Times .

Sessions said he remains unclear on the details of Papadopoulos' proposal except on one point: He remembers nixing the notion of a meeting between Trump and Putin.

Republicans on the committee were eager to talk about anything but Russia and questioned Sessions about everything from federal surveillance law to Hillary Clinton.

Several GOP lawmakers also expressed concern about government leaks, which Sessions said had significantly increased.

"We had about nine open investigations of classified leaks in the last three years; we have 27 investigations today," Sessions said. "We intend to get to the bottom these leaks. I think it has reached epidemic proportions."

When asked about the sexual misconduct allegations against former Alabama judge Roy S. Moore, who is running for Sessions' old seat in the Senate, Sessions was quick to throw the controversial candidate under the bus.

"I have no reason to doubt these women," Sessions said.


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