Cyclist who gave middle finger to Trump motorcade fired from job

The female cyclist who flipped off the Trump motorcade in protest of the president's policies has been fired from her job for violating the company's code of conduct.
By Andrew McDonald | Nov 08, 2017
The Virginia cyclist who raised her middle finger to President Trump's motorcade as it rolled past her on Oct. 28 has been fired from her job, according to a report by The New York Times.

The president's motorcade was leaving the Trump National Gold Course in Sterling, Virginia, in the late afternoon when it drove past Juli Briskman, 50, who was riding her bicycle along the same boulevard.

Then she spontaneously flipped the motorcade off.

"Honestly, my blood started boiling at that point," Briskman said in an interview Monday, as reported by The Times. "I saw somebody holding a newspaper; I assumed he was in there."

Briskman said she was angered by the Trump administration's positions on health insurance and deportation of undocumented immigrants.

"I just got angry," Briskman explained. "I lifted my arm and started flipping him off. I started thinking, You're golfing again when there is so much going on right now."

Photographers and journalists riding with the motorcade snapped images of Briskman's gesture and distributed them online. That is when "the ball started rolling," the cyclist said.

The photo went viral and even Jimmy Fallon featured the image during his television show.

By October 31, after Briskman had informed her employer, Akima LLC that she was the person in the now-famous image, company executives decided to separate her from her employment for violating Akima's code of conduct and its social media policy banning "obscene content."

Briskman was employed by Akima as a marketing analyst for a little over six months.


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