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FBI Director Christopher Wray should be prepared to resign, former FBI agents say
Former FBI agents say the Bureau's director, Christopher Wray, should be prepared to resign amid, former FBI agents say in anticipation of republican House executive Devin Nunes' statement.
By Susan Konig
Feb 22, 2018

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WASHINGTON D.C. — FBI Director Christopher Wray should be prepared to resign, should President Trump assent over bureau objections to the release of a memo calling the FBI's integrity into question, former FBI agents caution.

So says a memo that is expected to be released shortly, even as Democratic leaders in the House called on its Republican author, Devin Nunes, to be removed from his chairmanship of the House intelligence committee. It was the latest move in an extraordinary episode that appears set to spark a crisis over the criminal investigation into Trump's potential ties to Russia.

Wray, Trump's hand-picked FBI director, got his job after Trump fired James Comey last year for what Comey described as insufficient personal "loyalty" over the Russia investigation.

On Wednesday, Wray's FBI publicly attacked Nunes' memo for "material omissions of the facts that fundamentally impact the memo's accuracy. Trump is reportedly calling into question Wray's future in the Trump administration six months into his tenure.

Former FBI agents say that they hope Wray can remain in office and pull Trump and House Republicans back from the precipice of what may be a pivotal moment in the bureau's history. But they also say Wray needs to show his willingness to walk.

"Given the climate and the recent activities, going as far back as Director Comey's departure, Wray definitely must be prepared to resign," said Erroll Southers, a retired FBI special agent who now works at the University of Southern California.

"I don't think the director has to resign," said former FBI counterterrorism special agent Ali Soufan. "He should be prepared to publicly discredit this cherry-picked, fake memo and expose Nunes."