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Nashville Mayor Megan Barry admits affair
Barry, who is the first woman to be elected mayor of Nashville, asserted that she remains committed to serving out her term.
By Delila James
Feb 22, 2018

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WASHINGTON D.C. — Nashville Mayor Megan Barry admitted Wednesday to having an extramarital affair with her former head of security.

"Today, I have acknowledged publicly that I have engaged in an extramarital affair with the former head of my security detail," Barry announced in a statement, as reported by ABC News. "I accept full responsibility for the pain I have caused my family and his. I am so sorry to my husband Bruce, who has stood by me in my darkest moments and remains committed to our marriage, just as I am committed to repairing the damage I have done."

The former head of Barry's security detail Sgt. Robert Forrest of the Metro Nashville Police Department, who retired from the force on Wednesday also admitted to the affair.

"I deeply regret that my professional relationship with Mayor Barry turned into a personal one," Forrest said in his resignation letter to the police force. "This has caused great pain for my wife, my family, friends and colleagues. At no time did I ever violate my oath as a police officer or engage in actions that would abuse the public trust."

In comments to reporters, Barry said it was obvious her relationship with Forrest would become public and that they had to take responsibility for their actions.

"I'm here today to admit I have personal failings. I am only human, and I didn't stop being human when I became the mayor," Barry said, adding that nothing illegal occurred and no policies were violated.

Barry, who is the first woman to be elected mayor of Nashville, asserted that she remains committed to serving out her term.

"In the weeks and months to come, I will work hard to earn your forgiveness and earn back your trust," she added.