Sen. Warren agrees that Democratic primary was rigged against Sanders

Sen. Elizabeth Warren said that Donna Brazile's allegations that Democratic party leaders fixed their primary last year against Bernie Sanders were valid and that the DNC has to answer for it today.
By Miriam Griffin | Nov 07, 2017
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) endorsed Hillary Clinton in last year's Democratic primary, but she told CNN Thursday that she agreed that the primary process had been unfairly helping Clinton at rival Bernie Sanders' expense. Speaking with CNN's Jake Tapper, Warren said that new Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez will have to make amends with Sanders and his supporters to move the party forward.

"When Tom Perezwas first elected chair of theDNC, the very first conversationI had with him [was] to say, youhave got to put together aDemocratic party in whicheverybody can have confidencethat the party is working forDemocrats, rather than Democratsare working for the party," Warren said. "And he's being tested now."

Tapper was asking Warren for her thoughts about Donna Brazile, the former DNC chairwoman who wrote in a newly published book that she had found evidence that party leadership had worked with Clinton to guarantee that she would win.

Brazile described a fundraising agreement, dated August 2015 and signed by DNC and Clinton campaign officials. The signers affirmed that Clinton would raise funds for the DNC and would, in exchange, get to control the party's finances and strategy, and that the DNC would have to run all decisions about staffing, data analytics, budgeting, and outreach by the Clinton team.

Brazile wrote that letting Clinton's team co-opt party operations when the primaries were just getting underway was "sure looked unethical." Warren told Tapper that she agreed that the primaries had been fixed in Clinton's favor and that this is "a real problem." Warren added that Perez will have to bring Sanders-supporting representatives into party proceedings and assure them that party leadership looks out for their best interests, or else "he's going to fail."


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