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Trump's new solar tariffs could kill 23,000 jobs, solar industry leaders warn
President Trump imposed 30% tariff on foreign-manufactured solar panels this week, following a request from two solar-cell manufacturers with multinational interests. U.S. solar-energy companies slammed the decision, which they warned will raise the costs of solar energy and kill as many as 23,000 U.S. solar jobs.
By Rick Docksai
Feb 22, 2018

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WASHINGTON D.C. — U.S. solar-energy developers slammed President Trump's recent imposition of a 30% tariff on imported solar cells. Although certain U.S.-based solar-cell manufacturers had asked for Trump to enact the new import duty, many other U.S. solar industry players argued that it will raise the price of solar, dampen investment in the industry, and ultimately wipe out solar jobs.

U.S. solar-energy companies import many of their cells from overseas and will be forced to pay higher prices now because of the tariffs, according to the Solar Energy Industry Association. It projects that 23,000 solar-industry jobs could disappear as a result and that the costs of solar home installations will rise 5-7% while making major solar projects' prices rise 10%.

Tony Clifford, chief development officer of residential solar installer Standard Solar, blasted the tariffs, as well. He warned that it will majorly impede the growth of U.S. solar, which he said has been a fast-expanding industry up until now.
"It boggles my mind that this president--any president, really--would voluntarily choose to damage one of the fastest-growing segments of our economy," said Clifford.

The dispute first arose when Suniva, a mostly Chinese-owned U.S. solar-panel manufacturer; and the U.S. unit of German solar-panel manufacturer SolarWorld AG jointly asked the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) to put an import duty of 32 cents a watt on solar cells produced outside the United States. The ITC agreed but called for an even higher tariff of 35%.

Trump agreed to a slightly lower 30% tariff. Suniva praised Trump for "holding China and its proxies accountable," while SolarWorld state's that it hopes the tariffs bring relief to U.S. manufacturers.

China and other exporters may appeal the tariffs to the World Trade Organization, however.