Clinton, Gore share stage for first time in ten years

Bill Clinton and Al Gore sat down for a rare joint interview on Tuesday, the first time they’ve shared a stage in about 10 years.


Former President Bill Clinton sat down for an interview with his former Vice President Al Gore on Tuesday for the first time in over ten years. The interview, conducted by Charlie Rose,  took place at the Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting in New York.

According to Rose, who presented a clip of the interview on “CBS This Morning”, the interview was originally only supposed to be between himself and Gore, and that Clinton only decided he wanted to come on stage with them a minute before they started. After he was announced as a surprise guest, Clinton clarified “At first, I didn’t think Al was going to be able to come. Then he had to come to New York and so he also said he could come by. Then he had this interview with you, then we started talking about climate change and this U.N. report that’s coming up in a few days, and one thing led to another, and here we are.”

Clinton also clarified that although this was the first time he and Gore had shared the stage together in ten years, they speak regularly.

“We do talk a lot,” Clinton said, adding, “But especially about all this energy business. First of all, when I can’t figure out what’s going on, I call him and he explains it to me.”

The interview was primarily focused on environment issues. Clinton expressed restrained optimism about the state of environmental affairs, stating “I still believe that we’re going to do the right thing before calamity hits the earth, but we’re pushing it.” Gore stressed that the rise in extreme weather events has made the conversation about global warming easier to have.

The Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting is an initiative by the Clinton Foundation founded by former President Clinton. Each year it brings together global leaders to discuss, create, and implement solutions to some of the world’s greatest problems. Since the first meeting in 2005 it has hosted such luminaries as current President Barack Obama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and Madeleine Albright.

While presenting the clip of his interview on CBS, Rose expressed regret over the fact that he wasn’t able to ask the duo a wider range of questions. “But all the things they could talk about,” he said. “All the questions you want to ask, you just say, God, maybe another time.”



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