Election Commissioner believes polling machines were sabotaged

Election Day has high turnout, but many technical problems have slowed down the voting process.


Election Day has had high turnout-but also a high number of problems. The midterm elections have been plagued with misinformation and voter delays.

The 2014 midterm elections have seen problems at the polls. In Illinois, robocalls went out to election judges erroneously telling them they had to receive extra hours of training to be an election judge. Because of the misinformation, many polls were short of election judges on Election Day and voters had to wait hours to cast ballots.

Chicago Board of Election Commissioners Chairman Langdon Neal said that despite the inconvenience, the calls would not greatly affect voters’ abilities to cast their ballots. “We feel that there was malicious intent, and so we’ve contacted our judges to make sure that that process goes smoothly,” said Neal.

In Connecticut, two polling places opened late in Hartford, so they have to stay open after the usual closing hours to accommodate voters. Even President Obama commented on the delays when he was campaigning for Connecticut governor Dan Malloy.

“Obviously, for somebody who’s planning to vote before they go to work, and they get there and they’re unable to do it, that’s frustrating,” said Obama.

“But the main thing I just want to emphasize is that we need to make sure those folks have the chance to vote. I want to encourage everyone who is listening to not be deterred by what was obviously an inconvenience, ” added Obama.

Florida is also having problems on Election Day. The Florida Democratic Party filed an emergency motion asking a judge to keep Broward County polling places open late. Mechanical problems and long lines at the polls are causing delays.

“There are at least three pretty big, predominantly African-American precincts in Broward County with an hour-long wait right now,” said Dan Gelber, advisor to Florida Democratic candidate for governor Charlie Crist.

Florida’s Broward County Supervisor of Elections spokeswoman Evelyn Perez Verdia said that the polls will close as scheduled. However, Floridians standing in line when the polling places close will still be able to cast their votes.



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