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Indiana attorney general tells Senate voting laws should be based on ‘public confidence’


Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita, who supported overturning the 2020 presidential election, spent Wednesday arguing at a Senate hearing that voting laws should be guided by public confidence in voting.

“We don’t hear enough about public confidence,” said Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita. “The 2020 presidential election was unlike any other in our history, and it doesn’t need to be repeated, because we shouldn’t be having pandemics every time we have a presidential election.”

Rokita, who appeared as one of the Republican witnesses during a hearing on Senate Bill 1, spent much of the hearing voicing opposition to the Democrats’ overarching voting rights bill.

“Americans saw mountains of mail-in ballots being processed in cavernous voting centers,” he said, asserting that observers were “excluded,” a claim that was widely made last fall but for which there is very little proof. He cited “last-minute changes” to election laws and implied that the defeat of over 60 lawsuits was not on the merits but because the legal challenges had “overwhelmed the system.”

Georgia Sen. Jon Ossoff, criticized Rokita when it came his turn to speak, citing his election in Georgia as an example of the importance of free and fair elections.

“I take exception to the comments that you just made, Mr. Rokita, that public concern regarding the integrity of the recent election is born of anything but a deliberate and sustained misinformation campaign led by a vain former president unwilling to accept his own defeat,” Ossoff said. “I find it disturbing that a chief law enforcement officer from one of our great states would indulge in that kind of misinformation and spread those kinds of conspiracies.”

“You’re entitled to your opinion as misinformed as it may be,” Rokita said to Ossoff. “But I share the opinion of millions of Americans.”

“The other difference between my opinion and yours is mine comes with the ability to file lawsuits,” he added.



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