Iran government orders reopening of nuclear plant: reports

The Iran government on Wednesday ordered a formerly unused nuclear plant to resume operations.


The Iran government on Wednesday ordered a formerly unused nuclear plant to resume operations in case discussions with European leaders over saving the nuclear agreement, which the Trump’s administration vacated fall through.

A statement on the website of the Iran’s atomic energy agency (AEOI) confirmed that Irinain Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei had structured the plant’s reopening for the first time in nine years in preparation for the possibility of a positive result in the ongoing discussions.

According to the statement on AEOI’s website, “Iran has imported a huge amount of yellow cake since the nuclear deal” was signed in 2015, and also produced some domestically. Iran limited its enrichment of uranium ore, usually called yellow cake, under the pact signed during the Obama administration.

The move is allowable under the pact, which stops the country from enriching weapon-grade uranium and caps the country’s allowed stockpile of the enrich uranium at 660 pounds.

The move comes after the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned European leaders in a letter that without America’s input, there is a limited time to save 2015 agreement from collapsing.

President Trump announced last month that the country would withdraw from the deal, which he had called ‘’ horrible’’ and ‘’ one-sided’’.

“Today’s action sends a critical message: the United States no longer makes empty threats,” Trump said during a televised address last month’’.

The announcement was also followed by the joint statement from U.K., France, and Germany leaders, who pledged to save the agreement with Iran with or without America’s support.



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