Mueller subpoenas former aide to Roger Stone

Attorney for the ex-Stone associate, Paul Kamenar, says that he intends to fight the subpoena and that Mueller’s appointment was unconstitutional.


Special counsel Robert Mueller on Thursday subpoenaed a former aide to Trump adviser Roger Stone, The New York Times reported.

The special counsel reportedly called for Andrew Miller, who worked for Stone during the 2016 campaign, to appear before a grand jury in the investigation into Russian meddling in the election.

Attorney Paul Kamenar, who is believed to be representing Miller, told the Times that he intends to fight the subpoena by arguing Mueller’s appointment was unconstitutional. Others have made similar claims, but have been unsuccessful.

Miller is the third ex-Stone associate who has reportedly been subpoenaed in the Mueller investigation — former Stone aides John Kakanis and Jason Sullivan have also been called to appear before a grand jury.

Some of Stone’s contacts during the 2016 presidential election have drawn scrutiny, including his communications with WikiLeaks. He worked briefly on the Trump campaign, and has since served as an adviser to the president.

The Washington Post reported earlier this month that Stone was in contact with a Russian national who offered damaging information on candidate Hillary Clinton in exchange for a $2 million payment. Stone said he turned down the meeting.

Stone has been a central figure in the special counsel’s investigation. He acknowledged to The Hill last week that it’s a “possibility” he will be indicted in Mueller’s investigation.



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