Ohio Governor John Kasich joins Presidential race only to be overshadowed by Donald Trump

Second term Ohio governor John Kasich is proving less popular than Donald Trump in current polls and may not be able to participate in the first Republican debate in August.


Ohio Governor John Kasich is expected to become the 16th major Republican presidential candidate when he makes an official announcement of his campaign later this month. Kasich appears to have the perfect credentials for gaining voter support: he is the popular governor in a swing state as well as the former House budget chairman and former candidate for president. Unfortunately for Kasich, however, the governor is averaging between 1% and 2% support in national surveys of GOP voters as of Tuesday.

Based on poll projections, Kasich may not meet the polling requirements for the first Republican debate in August.

“I’m not really thinking about that,” Kasich said when asked whether Donald Trump, currently surging in the polls, might keep him out of the debate. “Let’s not put carts before horses, I mean we still have a month to go, we’ll see what happens.”

As indicated by recent polls, Kasich, the popular two-term governor of Ohio may be ousted from the Cleveland debate by someone whose main claim to fame is being in a reality TV show.

When asked whether the “late start” to the campaign may prove detrimental to his efforts, Kasich responded that he had necessarily fallen behind.

“First of all, I don’t know that I got started late,” he said. “You said started late. I don’t know if I started late. Look, my number one purpose is to make sure that Ohio works and it remains my number one purpose. I didn’t travel to other states, I never even left Ohio really to go out of state until the election was over.”

Kasich, though a qualified candidate, is clearly overshadowed by other GOP candidates seeking the Republican nomination. Most prominent of these are Donald Trump, who is currently polling better than originally expected, and Jeb Bush.




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