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Oregon Legislature seeks to ban diesel fuel sales by end of decade


The state of Oregon is seeking to join a handful of other states in beginning to restrict access to nonrenewable fuels.

Introduced by state Rep. Karen Power, D-Milwaukie, House Bill 3305 would see the state enact a phased ban on diesel fuel over the next eight years starting with non-retail fuel dealers in Oregon’s most populous counties.

In statement released this week, Oregon state Rep. Shelly Boshart Davis offered criticism of the proposed measure, describing the bill as “blindsiding,” and voiced concern that the bill could put thousands out of work.

“I’m not sure where to begin with this bill,” Boshart Davis said. “Our entire economy depends on the free flow of freight by both truck and rail, nearly all of which is powered by diesel engines. There is simply no commercially available, cost-effective alternative to transporting these goods.”

Boshart Davis’s concerns were shared by state Rep. Vicki Breese Iverson, R-Prineville who characterized the legislation as wildly unrealistic.

“There is absolutely no way we can implement this legislation in accordance to these timelines without extreme disruption to Oregonians’ daily lives and the obliteration of our economy as we know it,” Breese Iverson said. “If enacted, Oregonians could no longer rely on everyday goods like food, groceries and medicine being readily available.”



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