Trump suggest using the military to curb growing influx of illegal immigrants

President Trump is suggesting using the military to curb influx of illegal immigrants from entering the U.S.


In a bid to curb the growing threat of illegal immigrants, drugs and crime from Central America, President Trump is planning to deploy the National Guard to the southern border says the White House Tuesday night.

The president advisers had said Monday that the Mr. Trump is preparing new legislation to block migrants and asylum seekers, including young unaccompanied children from entering the United States. However, the President remark on Tuesday caught some of his top advisers by surprise, when he suggested the more drastic approach of sending in the military to do what immigration authorities could not.

During a news conference with the presidents of three Baltic nations, President Trump described existing U.S. immigration laws as lax and ineffective, and calling for militarizing the border with Mexico as a preventive measure against the current flow of Central American migrants he said were ready to stream across it.

“We have horrible, horrible and very unsafe laws in the United States,” Mr. Trump said. “We are preparing for the military to secure our border between Mexico and the United States.”

Late in the day, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee, said President Trump held a meeting with Jim Mattis, the secretary of defense, and members of the national security team to discuss the administration’s strategy for dealing with “the growing influx of illegal immigration, drugs and violent gang members from Central America.”  She added that the president had initially been briefed last week.




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