U.S. Supreme Court will weigh in on Wisconsin
Kristy Douglas - Sep 29, 2017
The Supreme Court will hear opening arguments October 3 over Wisconsin's voting map, which state Democrats charge needs major redrawing because it is rigged to favor Republicans.
Last abortion clinic in Kentucky fighting to keep doors open
Adam Widmer - Sep 08, 2017
Women in Kentucky may lose their constitutional right to get a legal abortion unless a federal judge steps in to stop the closing of the state's last remaining abortion clinic.
McConnell voices frustration at Trump's
Lucas Rowe - Aug 09, 2017
He said that Trump should give Congress more time and space to work his agenda through the chamber.
Massachusetts governor signs bill making recreational marijuana use legal
Lucas Rowe - Aug 03, 2017
Massachusetts voters approved an initiative last year to legalize recreational marijuana use and sales but charge a 12% sales tax on it.
Attorney-General okays asset-seizure programs
Lucas Rowe - Jul 20, 2017
The program has long been in place but has been in only limited use in recent years due to pressure from lawmakers and civil-rights groups that fear its misuse.
Supreme Court will issue ruling on gerrymandering
Jason Spencer - Jun 21, 2017
In his ruling, the judge had argued that the redistricting plan was designed to ensure Republican control of the state legislature even if they failed to get a majority of votes.
The Boy Scouts of America to accept transgender boys
Jason Spencer - Jan 30, 2017
The Boy Scouts of America will now accept transgender boys in its ranks.
U.S. leaders warn against anti Semitic rally in Montana
Cliff Mooneyham - Dec 28, 2016
Republican and Democratic leaders in Montana warned against an anti-Semitic rally in the state on Tuesday.
Paladino apologizes for Obama jokes
Clint Huston - Dec 27, 2016
Carl Paladino has apologized for comments he made about the U.S. First Family.
Plans to put up more baby boxes in Indiana despite child service's disapproval
Jason Spencer - Jun 10, 2016
The Department of Children Services in Indiana requests organizations that install baby boxes to discontinue this practice
New Mexico providing safe abortions for out-of-state women
Jason Spencer - Mar 20, 2016
As new restrictions on abortion flood neighboring areas New Mexico sees a spike in abortions from out-of-state women
Huge Detroit cash crisis threatens school system
Chad Young - Mar 14, 2016
The Detroit public school system is pleading with members of the House Appropriations Committee to pass legislation to deal with the issue.
Florida Gov. Rick Scott kicked off 'Morning Joe'
Chad Young - Mar 14, 2016
Scott irritated hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski by refusing to answer questions.
Chris Christie calls for state takeover of Atlantic City
Cliff Mooneyham - Jan 26, 2016
The state of New Jersey is to assume control over Atlantic City's finances and decision-making after years of overspending.
Trump Plaza may be another Atlantic City gambling casino to close in Sept.
Carmelo Sheppard - Nov 12, 2015
Trump Entertainment Resorts could shutter Trump Plaza and casino by earliest as Sept. 16.
Kentucky clerk Kim Davis refuses to grant authority to marriage licenses
David Sims - Sep 15, 2015
Davis says she will not attempt to block the issuing of marriage licenses.
Is Nebraska about to repeal the death penalty?
Vicky Webb - May 16, 2015
A bill in Nebraska would outlaw the death penalty, but faces major partisan hurdles in the state legislature.
Hawaii House and Senate passes bill to allow transgender people to make gender change on birth certificate
Kristy Douglas - May 05, 2015
Hawaii Legislature passed a bill that would remove many of the barriers currently faced by transgender men and women who seek to change the gender on his or her birth certificate.
Hawaii legislature revives bill to set up medical marijuana dispensaries
Jason Spencer - May 02, 2015
Hawaii legislators wrangle over a bill that would establish pot dispensaries in the state.
Ohio Gov. John Kasich: I can raise enough money to become GOP's 2016 candidate
Jason Spencer - May 01, 2015
Kasich spoke to reports during a lunch on Friday, telling them that he believes he can raise the cash necessary to win the presidency -- and he intends to do exactly that.