Relations warm between US and Australia
Carmelo Sheppard - May 05, 2017
Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull related the results from his phone call with U.S. President Donald Trump.
Pence set to rid Korean Peninsula of nuclear weapons
Carmelo Sheppard - Apr 18, 2017
U.S. Vice President Mike Pence said he wants to rid the Korean Peninsula of nuclear weaponry.
Tina Fey sends message to college educated white females
Clint Huston - Apr 03, 2017
Comedienne, Tina Fey, warned college educated white women that they could not ignore the rhetoric of U.S. President Donald Trump.
James Comey says FBI is totally bipartisan
Adam Widmer - Mar 29, 2017
FBI Director James Comey said that he does not care about the political backlash of the choices he is forced to make.
Sean Spicer has run in with reporter
Carmelo Sheppard - Mar 29, 2017
White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, received flack for "lecturing" a journalist.
Trump says Paris is no more
Alex Bourque - Feb 25, 2017
According to President Trump, Jim no longer visited Paris because it was no longer safe.
Stars speak out about transgender bathroom ruling
Vicky Webb - Feb 22, 2017
American celebrities are making their voices heard on the transgender bathroom issue.
Emily Ratajkowski defends Melania Trump against slut shaming
Billy Kirk - Feb 15, 2017
Model, Emily Ratajkowski defended First lady Melania Trump against slut shaming.
Streep criticizes Trump in second speech
Chad Young - Feb 12, 2017
Meryl Streep delivered a second speech against U.S. President Donald Trump.
Stephen Miller says Trump travel ban is back on
James Carlin - Feb 12, 2017
According to Miller, the mere idea that foreign nationals and a judge could subvert the power of the president were unthinkable.
Bill Maher says f**k Tom Brady
Jeremy Morrow - Feb 05, 2017
Host of Real Time, Bill Maher, said that he is rooting for the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI.
Conway fed up with Bowling Green criticism
Clint Huston - Feb 04, 2017
Kellyanne Conway is fed up with the criticism she is receiving over the Bowling Green error.
Barack Obama speaks out on Trump refugee ban
Jose Jefferies - Jan 30, 2017
Former U.S. President Barack Obama spoke out about U.S. President Donald Trump banning refugees from several nations.
Conway tells American public to get used to Trump executive orders
Carmelo Sheppard - Jan 28, 2017
Trump adviser, Kellyanne Conway, told the American public to get used to U.S. President Trump making executive decisions.
Apologies pour in for cyberbullying of Barron Trump
Jose Jefferies - Jan 24, 2017
Apologies for mocking First Son, Barron Trump, have inundated social media over the weekend.
Bill Clinton sends get well wishes to the Bush family
Sam Klein - Jan 19, 2017
Former U.S. President, Bill Clinton, sent well wishes to the George Bush family on Wednesday.
Obama commutes Chelsea Manning sentence
Jeremy Morrow - Jan 19, 2017
U.S. President Barack Obama commuted the sentence of former U.S. Army private, Chelsea Manning.
US President Barack Obama reflects on his mother
Sarah Webb - Dec 29, 2016
U.S. President Barack Obama reflected on his mother on an episode of The Axe Files podcast.
Trump to refrain from
Aaron Sims - Dec 21, 2016
U.S. President Elect Donald Trump has stopped using his "Drain the swamp" analogy.