Ted Cruz battles Trump over Evangelical votes

Cruz and Trump battle to secure support


It takes a lot to stand out as a Republican presidential candidate, and nearly a dozen hopefuls have found themselves scrambling to regain ground taken by the freewheeling frontrunner Donald Trump. According to a report from CS Monitor, Senator Ted Cruz from Texas has opted for a tried and true strategy – cornering the evangelical Christian vote.

The evangelical vote is important; since 2004, it has made up nearly 25 percent of the national electorate and Republican candidates have jockeyed for their favor with varying degrees of religious zeal. GOP strategists Ralph Reed and Karl Rove famously organized several campaigns that emphasized same-sex marriage and abortion as the key issues facing America.

Times have changed since 2004, and Cruz has a new set of values to wage war against. With the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide, and ongoing arguments about funding Planned Parenthood, Ted Cruz has been stocking his arsenal with conservative messaging that the evangelical voting bloc can relate to.

While many GOP voters have stopped focusing on issues like abortion and same-sex marriage, Cruz is poised to take advantage of their inherent distrust for the government and political games. As Donald Trump’s political clout begins to inevitably fizzle, Senator Cruz is in a unique position to take advantage of a more conservative voting bas ahead of the 2016 elections.



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