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The Trumps’ keeps Queen Elizabeth waiting outside several minutes before arrival

President Trump kept Queen Elizabeth II waiting for several minutes before he arrived.


President Donald Trump kept Queen Elizabeth II waiting for several minutes before he arrived for their meeting at Windsor Castle. The Queen, who waited patiently for Trump and First Lady Melania, was seen checking her watch before the first U.S. family arrived at the castle around 5 p.m. local time.

Ideally, the Queen’s guest should arrive early, not simply on time for their meetings with the British royal says British etiquette experts Debretts.

A number of viewers who watched the livestream of Trump’s arrival on television were critical of the President of keeping the Queen waiting.

“Just turned on the news to see the Queen awkwardly waiting for Trump, who is late,” Twitter user Malcolm Turner wrote. “Can someone remind me why we are putting ourselves through this national humiliation? What do you think we are going to gain.”

As soon as the Trumps’ arrive the castle, they shook hands with the Queen and stood for the military’s band’s rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” before going inside for a social meeting with the royal over tea.

The meeting, which was scheduled for half hour, however ended up lasting 47 minutes.

This is President Trump’s first ever trip to England, since he become the President.

His meeting with Queen Elizabeth was his final official assignment scheduled for his trip to England.


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